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I am all of the above and I provide this service effectively and efficiently!
My specific skill set includes being able to strategize, plan, implement, manage and optimise PPC campaigns to suit my customers’ needs and meet their marketing objectives. Through this platform I am able to generate qualified leads for my customers to convert into sales. These leads are industry specific and are relevant to the nature of your business. Potential customers are searching for your products and services on a daily basis with the intent to purchase. The chances of these leads being converted into revenue are high. The PPC Surgeon can connect your business with these searches and ultimately increase your monthly revenue. 

Achieving (ROI) Return On Investment is one thing and maximising on it is another! Lets work together to get the most out of a PPC Campaign.
My business model is simple and transparent. At PPC Surgeon, I do not believe in entering my clients into a contract, instead I prefer to deliver on my promises.
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I am a Search Marketing expert who offers Pay Per Click (PPC) consulting services for all Industries.
If you are looking to hire a PPC Expert then you have landed on the right site.

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